Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Today, no organized (and maybe even long-winded soliloquy)...just an over-riding thought that just bears expressing:

My post: I Received my Song Today brings up the issue of "firsties."

Why do we have that sense of entitlement?

How is it that we're a set aside group, yet still conform to the mores of society?

Recently, I offered to lend my sister a new Fendi bagpack, that I'd not used as yet and she absolutely refused to borrow it. While I knew that I'd bought the bagpack purely because I was at a house show and my supervisor was the hostess (yeah...still a little bit of people pleaser in me). The fact that I needed a new bagpack was of secondary importance to me. I just didn't want to be the poor, black, person at the show, who couldn't afford to buy something. (ah, pride).

Maybe if I'd communicated to my sister the story behind the bag, and that it had been sitting in my room for about 3 weeks already, she might have borrowed it? But I still doubt it, that firstie's mentality is a hard one to crack.

The scripture basis for today's post: My Prayer Today (aren't links grand?) puts a different spin on the firstie's mindset and it's wrapped up in one word...Love!


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