Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Spiritual Necrophiliacs”

by Ken Aveirls, Sr.

Ezekiel 37:8-14

A “necrophiliac” is a person who is in love, or obsessed with a corpse; dead things. A spiritual necrophiliac is a person who has lost their “fire”, and has elected to embrace the dead areas of their life!
- In a relationship, that you KNOW will not be beneficial to you – DEAD!
- Employed on a mediocre job – DEAD!
- Blaming your parents, or lack of, for being the way you are – DEAD!
- Having to get “high” to get up, and excessively drink to get “down” – DEAD!
- Filled with lust – DEAD!

Before you write the obituary;
Before you purchase the coffin;
Before you make the tombs your place of residence;
Before you embalm your dreams;
Before you read last rites over your love life;
Before you lay down in the sarcophagus of sickness;

I serve a God who specializes in reviving the dead areas of our lives! Look at Bishop Ezekiel as he is sent down to the Chebar Valley Community Church. God sends him to a situation which seems hopeless. . .dead! Reverend Doctor Ezekiel looks at the church and the lifeless state that it is in, and informs God that the “Church” is dead. That’s part of our problem. . . we see one thing, and God sees something totally different! Dr. Ezekiel saw bones. . .God saw an Army!!

We see the problem, God sees the solution!
We see sickness, God sees the cure!
We see poverty, God sees a window, and pours out a blessing for you!
We see mediocrity, God says. . .everything that I created. . .I called it “GOOD”!

Whatever that “dead” area is in your life, turn it over to the LORD! Remember, God created us to be the head. . .and not the tail! To be above. . .and not beneath!

Serving the Master!
Copyright (c) 2005, Ken Aveirls, Sr.

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