Sunday, July 17, 2005

Daily Reads

This section accidentally evolved. I was looking for more graphic headers for my old template template and while scrolling, I came across the "Daily Read" graphic. At first I was like, daily reads on a blog? How moronic...isn't that what a Blog is anyway?

Then I received an email from a friend with a Word for the day and it was right on time. I was like, this brother is holding it down, and so many folks think that there are no men in the church...when...lightbulb!

Why not dedicate the daily reads section to words/testimonies from MOG- Men of God who are active in their churches and communities? Not only would it be a word sown into daily lives, it would also be a testament to other men thinking, Christianity is whack or for people with issues. It would also be an example for the borderline day in, one day out, and last but not least, a source of hope for the single and saved Christian women, like myself, who wonder Sunday after Sunday..."Where the men at in the churches?"

Or maybe that was just me? But just in case, I'm not alone in my questionion state of mind. They're out all walks of life...hold on! Mentors, musicians, teachers, pastors, deacons, doctors, nurses, chefs, mechanics, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs and more...commonality? They're living a life that is pleasing to God.

So without further ado...I give you--Daily Reads!

  • Burn Your Ship!
  • Death Works In You

  • Divine Appointments

  • Freedom

  • Going Against the Flow

  • The Greatest Test

  • Humility In Relationships

  • It's a Celebration! Enjoy Yourself!

  • Jealousy

  • Just Jesus!

  • Our Plans and God's Plans

  • Spiritual Necrophiliacs

  • Stay Salty!

  • Step Aside...Let Faith In!

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