Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mission Statement

Getting the word out about my Heavenly Father, big brother Jesus the Christ and the awesomely empowering Holy Spirit. How? Through personal testimony and the sharing of sound doctrine in this simple, down to earth format.

Comments and questions are always welcome. I do ask that even in your disagreement with a statement or view, that you please be respectful in the phrasing of your comment.

Questions can be addressed to me, D.S. White, or to any of the contributors, Kenneth Aveirls, Sr., William Frederick Cooper or Christopher Donaldson, Sr.

If we don't have a ready answer...we're not going to front, we'll let you know, do some research, then get back to you.

In fact in the works and unveiling soon will be a section entitled "Ask a Contributor" wherein you may Email one of us with questions/comments you might have about God or about having a relationship with God as well as the FAQ & NFAQ - Not so Frequently Asked Questions.

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