Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What I Believe

What do I believe? In a nutshell?

 He lived
 He died
 He rose

The He to which I refer is my big brother, Jesus the Christ. As his younger sibling, my purpose in life is to share with all who would read or listen, what those three things have meant in my life and how you, too, can experience it.

The scripture says that faith comes by hearing the word, and believing in your heart that Jesus is who He says He is and that His blood shed on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice necessary to accomplish forgiveness of all sin. (Past, present and future).

Hearing and believing alone won't cut it though. It is necessary to demonstrate your faith by acting, making a conscious decision to choose God. A response, if you will, for His generous grace shown towards us.

How do you to this?

1) By acknowledging out loud that you have sinned
2) Believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead; and then
3) You will be saved!


Posted by Dee at 12:52:00 PM  


  1. Paul posted at Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:14:34 PM  
    Hi Dee,

    Greetings from Kennesaw, Ga!

    Just got your link from the CWG list that I help Co-Moderate with Lisa and Dennis.

    I am so glad that you posted it and I would like to add you to my reads if that is ok.

    I have also finished reading Rick Warrens book also and it has been a real blessing to me and confirmed a lot of things that the Lord has been showing me.

    I look forward to reading the rest of your blog and visiting your website.

    Be blessed and thanks for blogging. We never know who we will reach or minister to when we are faithful to share the things that the Lord puts on our hearts.

    For indeed it is all about Him, sharing the reality of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

    Writing for the King,

  2. Dee posted at Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:25:29 PM  
    Hi Paul,

    So glad you stopped by. By all means do add me to your reads and feel free to submit material for my "Daily Reads" section, along with a brief bio and a pic.

    I am so thrilled that Rick Warren submitted to God's call to pen "Purpose Driven Life" it has been a blessing to me and many I know. (This is my second time reading it).

    I'll also be browsing through your blog later tonight.

    Be Blessed!

  3. Latasha Moody posted at Thursday, July 28, 2005 3:10:54 PM  
    Hey sis, i am so sorry i thought i was a member but i guess not. I love your blogs and have read many of them in the past. but i am a member now of your community and thank you for blessing us everyday with the true healing words of the most high. Keep up the wonderful work your doing with our young people. Love ya

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