Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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Here's a site map/background information spot, so that you can zero in on the area that suits your purpose or need. Short on time? Utilize the Headings on the Sidebar to your left.

About me - Self Explanatory.

About this site - That's where you are now.

Mission: Getting the word out about my Heavenly Father, big brother Jesus the Christ and the awesomely empowering Holy Spirit. How? Through personal testimony and the sharing of sound doctrine in a simple, down to earth format.

Comments and questions are always welcome. I do ask that even in your disagreement with a statement or view, that you please be respectful in the phrasing of your comment.

Questions can be addressed to me, D.S. White, or to any of the contributors, Kenneth Aveirls, Sr., William Frederick Cooper or Christopher Donaldson, Sr.

If we don't have a ready answer...we're not going to front, we'll let you know, do some research, then get back to you.

In fact in the works and unveiling soon will be a section entitled "Ask a Contributor" wherein you may Email one of us with questions/comments you might have about God or about having a relationship with God as well as the FAQ & NFAQ - Not so Frequently Asked Questions.

Acronyms - A new spin on commonly used words. And for the history buff, clicking on the link will provide the background history of acronyms.

Christian Humor - In this section you will find jokes that poke fun at the idiosyncrasies we sometimes exhibit as Christians. I was about to generalize, but I'll speak on myself for a moment. A Christian since age seven, there have been times in my life that I'm sure my joyless facial expressions and humorless behavior has cast doubt on whether I really knew that "The joy of the Lord is my strength" or that I should "give thanks in all things." In retrospect, I realize that at these moments, my witness was a little shaky.

Because of Christians like myself, non-Christians have been getting the message that being a Christian is a joyless existence. Does this mean that we are never allowed to be sad? Of course not, but we should always be mindful of who and whose we are and that "weeping may endure for a night but joy will come in the morning."

These collection of jokes are my contribution towards dispelling the myth that Christians are not fun people and we do in fact have a sense of humor. In addition, if it serves the two-fold purpose of bringing a lift to a saddened spirit, even better. Feel free to submit via the comments section, any you'd like me to add to the collection.

Credits - Here you'll find the bio's and pics of all contributors, myself included. I find that I attribute a little more merit to the words of someone I'm about to read, when I know a little something about them. That lets me know their slant, if you will, for we've all got prejudices and speak from our experiences...don't we?

Daily Reads - This section accidentally evolved. I was looking for more graphic headers for this template and while scrolling, I came across the "Daily Read" graphic. At first I was like, daily reads on a blog? How moronic...isn't that what a Blog is anyway?

Then I received an email from a friend with a Word for the day and it was right on time. I was like, this brother is holding it down, and so many folks think that there are no men in the church...when...lightbulb!

Why not dedicate the daily reads section to words/testimonies from MOG- Men of God who are active in their churches and communities? Not only would it be a word sown into daily lives, it would also be a testament to other men thinking, Christianity is whack or for people with issues. It would also be an example for the borderline Christians...one day in, one day out, and last but not least, a source of hope for the single and saved Christian women, like myself, who wonder Sunday after Sunday..."Where the men at in the churches?"

Or maybe that was just me? But just in case, I'm not alone in my questionion state of mind. They're out there...in all walks of life...hold on! Mentors, musicians, teachers, pastors, deacons, doctors, nurses, chefs, mechanics, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs and more...commonality? They're living a life that is pleasing to God.

Encouragement - This is the warm, fuzzy section where your is it me or...questions will most likely be answered. It may take the form of dispelling myths or it might just be straight up H2O
delivered in what I like to call my keeping-it-real-for-God style of writing.

Friends - Links to sites by friends and acquaintances.

Poetry - Poetry written by yours truly. Don't expect this area to be too prolific, I'm not really a poetess but every once in a while, I get lucky.

Prayers - Another area in which I feel inadequate. Inadequate you say? How does a Christian not know how to pray? Isn't praying just a conversation or dialogue with God? Exactly!

It has taken me thirty-two years to realize that point. I speak, God listens, then God speaks and I listen.

Oftentimes we proffer a monologue to God, then just as He's ready to speak, we're off and about our daily tasks satisfied in the fact that we've spoken to God. So now, I'm painfully aware and unsure of my inability to pray! And guess who does the congregational prayer most Sundays? Yup...you got it...yours truly.

Like many Christians before me, I didn't realize that there are key ingredients to prayer as well as many types of prayer.

In this area join me on my journey as I explore what prayer is, how to pray, types of prayers and prayers that God answers. I will also post prayers that evolve during this journey, such as "My Prayer"

Resources - An admitted websurfing junkie and collector of information, this is the area that makes all that time spent surfing worthwhile for others beside myself. As I mentioned earlier in the Contributors section, although we are not confined or defined by our experiences, they do however serve to shape us into the people we become. Having suffered from a lack of knowledge, part of my gift to anyone who would care to avail themselves of it, is the provision of resources and helplines for women and teens in precarious situations. If you know of any or are one yourself, please choose you and break the cycle or pass on the information to the one who needs it.

Later on will come the listing of beauty salons, book stores and the like...

Testimonies - Ever know or heard of someone so hard headed that the only way they learned a lesson, was through pain and suffering? Yup...thas me. I share, not because I think I'm an awesome writer, not because I'm dwelling, but because I've finally chosen me. Not the broken me, but the me I see in God's word. "The me He spoke about when He inspired the writer to pen the words:

"I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not bring you
harm, plans to restore your hope and provide for your future...then you'll call
upon me and I will listen to you."

It's with that same inspiration, I pen my testimonies, so that you can see His awesome chain breaking power for I am who I am, by the grace of God.

Thinking - Random thoughts about any and everything as they occur.

Links - Links to my other sites. If you've a site or blog of your own, feel free to submit for consideration for linkage.

Previous Posts - The fifteen or so, most recent posts and posts that didn't make it to the sidebar.

Archives - Older posts grouped by month.

Who Links Here - This is where I check out who thinks this blog is worth linking to.

Disclaimer - This is where I cover my butt...lol. For a precise explanation, click the link.

D.S. White will not be held responsible for any addiction to the sheer entertainment, inspiration and/or usefulness of this blog. As with all things, use what you can, discard what you can’t and by all means share what you will with others. However, do keep in mind that common sense and necessary precautions are to be utilized when trying any links supplied herein.

Copyright - Now I hate to get heavy, but aside from forwarding to someone via email or printing out a copy to pass on, please do not desseminate any material on here, without prior permission. All contributions herein are protected by copyright and right to use remain with the individual author.

btw...by clicking on that nifty little graphic of an envelope right below, you can email this post to a friend.

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  1. Gone Away posted at Wednesday, July 27, 2005 10:22:13 AM  
    Fascinating blog and I especially like your intro that gives an explanation for each section. I must find the time to read everything!
  2. Dee posted at Wednesday, July 27, 2005 2:11:12 PM  
    Thanks gone away,

    I took a moment to peek at your blog, only to find that I'd bookmarked it already this morning!

    So I guess we've got a mutual admiration society thing going on here..lol.

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