Saturday, July 09, 2005

Why I Blog?

I blog because I'm happy
I blog because I'm

Seriously though, I was one of those kids who took to the diary craze like the thirsty to a drink of water. Perhaps because of the fact that everything was internalized in my family, no one spoke about their thoughts, feelings, dreams or ambitions. At least, not that I can recall. We were all frantically trying to survive the dysfunction that was our daily lives.

So upon being introduced to the idea of journaling at 14, I took to it like a duck to water. There I could elaborate on my angst, my confusion, my questions, my desires without being shut down or back handed for back chatting.

This joy was however curtailed at 15, when I came upon my mother reading my diary. I'd forgotten to lock it that day. She then proceeded to question me about several entries, demanding explanations for my thoughts! Ah the betrayal I felt at the invasion of my privacy and on top of that I could not voice my anger, because that would been have considered "rudeness".

I don't think I ever forgave her for the unfairness of that. It just took the joy right out of journaling for me and I quit it. Now that I think about it, that probably had a direct correlation to the angst I began to experience, for it's a proven fact that journaling is cathartic and self-revelatory.

It bothered me so much that as an adult I mentioned it to her and that I felt she was wrong to invade my privacy like that, then question me about it. Wouldn't you know she stuck to her guns and asserted her right as a parent to know what was going on with me?

While as a parent myself I understand the need to know and the concern fueling her curiosity, I still believe it was wrong of her to read it. I did try to learn from that incident, though. I did buy my daughter a diary, encouraged her to utitilize it, and no I didn't read it. I did however let her know the purpose and use of a diary, while stipulating that if there was anything, anything at all she didn't understand, she'd always have an open ear. And that if I didn't appear approachable, there was always her grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin etc.

So I've journaled on and off over the years, and embraced the computer era by beginning a file on a home computer. I had great stuff on there, funny, hilarious and downright zany moments. All lost to a virus. Lesson learned? Backup discs.

Upon learning about blogging via a post in one of my yahoo writers' groups...I took a peek at one and loved the simple clean lines as well as the fact that it dated, organized and archived for you as well. I thought about it for ooo a sec, then opened up an account of my own. This started out as an all about me moment, but the more I wrote, and people responded to just my everyday thoughts, the more I realized the power of the written word.

So since I've been thinking for about 39 years now...I decided that some of what I've thought and researched and experienced over that time frame, could benefit someone else, besides me.

So please check out About This Site (site map) or What's on Here (background information about each section) to see which area suits your needs.

Welcome to my world,

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