Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It’s a Celebration! Enjoy Yourself!

By Ken Aveirls, Sr.

Then, the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, "Peace be with you." ~John 20:19

A USA Today’s newspaper, printed a story on “Fear – What Americans are Afraid Of!”

54% - Car Accident
53% - Cancer
50% - Inadequate Social Security Insurance
49% - Inadequate Retirement
33% - Suffering Violence
28% - Contracting Aids

If you aren’t careful, fear will immobilize you! The disciples were suffering from paralyzing fear! When you get to that 19th verse of John’s 20th chapter, the doors of what I would like to call “the church” were shut! Fear stopped the disciples. . .and it can also stop your ministry! Can you imagine if. . .

The Choir stopped singing!
The Stewards stopped praying!
The Preachers stopped preaching “Good News”!
The Trustees stopped building!
The Missionaries stopped witnessing!
The Ushers stopped standing at the doors of the church!

My beloved, we’ve survived bad choices, poor decisions, indiscretions and personal weaknesses! We’ve said some things we shouldn’t have. . . done things we knew were wrong. . .gone places we shouldn’t have! We’ve lied to ourselves, lied on people, and lied to God. . .and yet through his “Grace and Mercy”. . .He has allowed us to live “one mo gain”! It’s a Celebration. . .Enjoy Yourself!

The devil wanted you dead! Satan wanted to sift you like wheat! Ol’ Slewfoot wanted to kill you with drugs, alcohol, food, depression, a broken heart, sickness and stress! The devil tried to drive you crazy, kill you in that car accident; tried to make you believe that life isn’t worth living! The devil stalked you on your job, in your marriage, and tried to turn your children against you! And here you are today! A walking, talking, breathing, living testimony that you survived and made it through! Come on! It’s a Celebration. . . .Enjoy Yourself!

Well. . .the Bible says. . .Jesus came and stood in the midst of them and said “Peace Be With You!” What a wonderful Savior! Jesus was a man who spoke “Peace”. . . even stormy winds and turbulent waves obeyed Him! When the disciples saw Him, they were glad! Aren’t you glad today? Don’t you want to celebrate with me?

Let’s Celebrate! All that He’s done for us!
Let’s Celebrate! We have future blessings in store!
Let’s Celebrate! Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before!
Let’s Celebrate! He still answers prayers!
Let’s Celebrate! He still has healing for your body!
Let’s Celebrate! He still dries weeping eyes!
Let’s Celebrate! He’s still a problem solver, heart fixer, and mind regulator!

It’s a Celebration . . . . . Enjoy Yourself!

Copyright (c) 2005 by Kenneth Aveirls, Sr.

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