Monday, August 08, 2005

Just Do It!

I’m in “just do it" mode today. I woke up feeling quite purposeful this morning. I haven’t yet done my daily read of Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren; and considering that in concluding the five (5) week series on Sin yesterday, my Pastor stomped all up and down on my corns, repeatedly, I ought to be in a funky mood. I mean, I suffered quite a few major (to me) disappointments last week. Nothing went as planned, yet, I’m at peace with myself today. Those who know me would tell you that most days this state of peace is a hard-fought, hard-won battle for me. So days like today are prize occurrences.

On a day like today, instead of talking about what I’m going to do, I just do it. Instead of fussing about the way that things should be, I just deal with what is. Instead of female dogging and moaning about who did what to me last week or last year, I forgive and forget and figure out the lesson to be learned from the occurrence.

In doing so, I realize that there’s a certain amount of freedom to be gained from operating in this manner.

  • It frees you from unnecessary stress.
  • It fosters a feeling of self worth; and
  • It forces you to look for the positives in everything you attempt to do.
So if you’re not as yet, I encourage you to “Just do it!”


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