Monday, September 12, 2005

Family Reunion

I had a lovely day yesterday! It was spent, just the way I like church! Now I'm gonna keep it real. As much as I love God, I don't always want to spend the whole day in church, but nevertheless, yesterday was a treat.


I accompanied my Pastor to a Men's Day Fellowship. Now if you know nothing else about me, it's important to know that I love seeing men, godly men at work in the church. The ratio has become topheavy with women in ministry and yes, I'm one of the women, so when I get to see some men coming together to give God glory and honor with their time, talent and tithe...I get all excited! (Spiritually, of

When the men's chorus (all five of them) stood up to sing, I was in ecstacy!

Anyway, the Pastor of the church we visited, my Pastor and I all came out of the same Baptist Church in Brooklyn. So it was like a family reunion. Not only was it great seeing her and her husband, members from our old congregation were also present and I got to see one of my former choir members all grown up with facial hair and everything! (I directed the Youth Choir at the old church).

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