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Articles should not exceed 650 words. Why so short? We know that writers are looking for sources. So each newsletter is short on articles and long on sources.

We'd love to hear about your success, thought and/or advice about any aspect of earning funds through writing. We do NOT want stories about…how to write

  • how to develop plot, characters or settings
  • topics that do not address making money as a writer
We DO want...
  • tips on winning contests
  • tips on finding/working with editors
  • when is an agent necessary?
  • experiences with markets (good, bad and especially the ugly)
  • success stories with ideas for others (publishing, promotional etc.)
  • profitable business practices related to writing
  • anything a writer can do to make a dollar penning words
Hint: Markets with relevant links points you on the road to acceptance.

Payment: $15 for unpublished original articles; $5.00 for reprints. Please indicate which you are submitting. If a reprint, list where and when the piece was published. Payment made upon acceptance. ATWC purchases one time electronic rights and archival rights for three (3) months. After publication, all rights revert to the author.

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