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This ezine is a water cooler of sorts for African-American writers who haven't found or don't have time to find avenues to market their dreams for compensation. 

I'm constantly searching the net, joining lists, groups, entering contests etc. to put food on the table (figuratively, I've got an 8-5).  In the search, surprise, surprise, guess which group was under represented?  You guessed it.  Minorities. 

Although being a woman seems not to be a minority issue (on the web), being an African-American Christian female has posed a challenge.  Not an insurmountable one, mind you, or this ezine would be a waste of time.

Being the hoarder that I am, every time I came across a relevant website, I would put it into a file.

During a long overdue cleaning binge last Saturday, I came across my file of printouts.  Upon noticing the magnitude of material I'd amassed, I realized that I had a product that others would want.

I'd already spent the time sifting through a slew of markets to find those geared towards me, it's just a step further to organize that material into an ongoing ezine. 

Why would I give away all that hard earned, time-consuming information for free?  Simple, because along the way, someone else took the time to stop and show me the way.  I've learned that wisdom is the correct application and sharing of knowledge.
I've said all that to say, come on in, use what you can, nix what you can't, and share what you will.  And when that acceptance letter, email or phone call comes, walk on over to the water cooler to give us a shout out!

*Popping a bottle of sparkling cider* (the champagne of many Christians)…and we're off!

(c) 2004 D.S. White

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Welcome to the second issue of ATWC an Ezine for writers of color. 

For those of you who are receiving your second issue, glad you're still with us. To the newbies, welcome aboard!

I've got to admit that as I type this, I'm actually mentally cataloguing the contents of my refrigerator and wondering if I could possibly have missed sampling any items?  

I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving seems to start this eat-everything-in-sight downward spiral which doesn't end until the January 1st self-assessment period. You know, the period  where you make resolutions that you're unable to keep past  a month or two, but nevertheless make like clockwork every year?

This year, I'm doing something different, I'm tossing out the what if's, the when I's and the if only's and doing something really in the here and now and working with what I've *gasp* got.

What does this have to do with freelance opportunities?  Well, I know I might just be talking to and about myself, but it took me roughly 22 years to realize the dream of my 17 year old be a writer. I kept postponing getting started.  I waited for the perfect storyline, the perfect education, the perfect surroundings, the perfect mindset.  Guess what? They don't exist, but your dream does.

No matter what obstacles come your way just get started. Write in the morning, write in the evening, write at the dinner table...just write. And then, when you think you're done...write some more, then come on over to the water cooler, pick a likely market and submit. You'll be glad you did!

(c) 2004 D.S. White

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A Change in Perspective

Welcome to the third issue of ATWC, an Ezine for writers of color.

For those of you who are receiving your third issue: glad you're still with us. To the newbies, welcome aboard!

I know it's been a long unscheduled hiatus (for which I do apologize)--a hiatus caused by virus problems, a new and demanding job, and my propensity for over scheduling.  I must also admit that the break stretched a little longer than was necessary due to the email I received right before I was virally sidelined.  Even though I felt I'd successfully rebutted the question of racism with regard to the purpose of this newsletter, the unsettled feeling remained with me like a bad taste in my mouth.

Why?  Perhaps because the accusation acted like Wonder Woman's golden lasso. Remember that?  The lasso would force truth from the one bound no matter what his inclination, and when her bullet-repelling bracelets were held together by the same lasso, the woman of wonder would become just like any other woman--vulnerable to the strength of her opponent.

At that point in the show, I'd usually stand up and become quite vocal in my encouragement.  I'd exhort Wonder Woman to break the bond of the lasso, twist and turn until she could slip her hands out of the ropes, and then begin the booty-kicking!  As a thirteen year old fan, I didn't yet know that strength takes many forms.   Strength of will, strength of mind, strength of character, and strength of purpose, to name a few.

So...what truth was I bound to?  The truth that, for a brief moment, I did enjoy the power of yay or nay over the Caucasian reporter?  Maybe.  The truth is that no matter how gifted a writer I may be, no matter how many degrees I may attain, after all the research is done and the dust settles, there are some assignments to which I just won't be able to do justice. The subject matter will not have been a part of my reality, and therefore I have no frame of reference.  A bitter pill to swallow... but true, nevertheless.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that my disquiet wasn't really about the accusation, but about my purpose, my ability to stay focused and see this project through.  For a brief moment, I forgot that this endeavor wasn't about me, but about avid readers and talented writers both in search of material and opportunities.

A marvelous thing... perspective.

(c) 2005 D.S. White

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