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      A Change in Perspective

Welcome to the third issue of ATWC an Ezine for writers of color. 

For those of you who are receiving your third issue, glad you're still with us. To the newbies, welcome aboard!

I know it's been a long unscheduled hiatus, for which I do apologize. 

A hiatus caused by virus problems,

a new and demanding job and my propensity for over scheduling.  I must also admit that the hiatus stretched a little longer than was necessary, due to the email received right before I was virally sidelined.  Even though I felt I'd successfully rebutted the question of racism, with regards to purpose of this newsletter, the unsettled feeling remained with me like the stench of a gas of the lactose intolerant. 

Why?  Perhaps because the accusation acted like Wonder Woman's golden lasso, which forced truth despite the inclination of the one bound, or maybe it simulated her bracelets that could repel bullets, or strike blinding sparks, but when said bracelets were held together with the help of the same truth compelling lasso, the woman of wonder became the same as every other woman...vulnerable to the strength of her opponent(s).

At that point in the show, I'd usually stand up and become quite vocal in my encouragement.  Exhorting Wonder Woman to break the bond of the lasso, twist and turn until she could slip her hands out of the ropes and then the boody kicking would begin!   At the age of thirteen...I didn't yet know that strength takes many forms.   Strength of will, strength of mind, strength of character, and strength of purpose...to name a few.

So...what truth was I bound to?  The truth that for a brief moment, I did enjoy the power of yeah or nay over the Caucasian reporter?  Maybe.  The truth that no matter how gifted a writer I may be, no matter how many degrees I may attain, after all the research is done and the dust settles...there are some assignments I just won't be able to do justice because the subject matter will not have been a part of my reality and therefore I would have no frame of reference.  Bitter pill to swallow...but true...nevertheless.

Somewhere along the way...I realized that my disquiet wasn't really about the accusation, but about my purpose, my ability to stay focused, see this project through.  For a brief moment...I forgot that this endeavor wasn't about me but about avid readers and talented writers both in in search of material and opportunities.  

A marvelous thing...perspective.

To Your Success,
D.S. White
Founder and Editorial Director


We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work  together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose. ~~Romans 8:28 (Amplified Version)

(IN OTHER WORDS: See our adversity as an opportunity to
fine tune our character. We are more than conquerors.)

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